KLR650 Dakar Windshield from Bajaworx

The Issue: All KLR 650 riders know that the wind buffeting can be frustrating, fatiguing and annoying on those long commutes and road trips.  The KLR650reviews.com team has had to opportunity to review a number of windshields and I have to say, this one surprised us.  When we first took shipment of the KLR650 Dakar Windshield from Bajaworx we were skeptic about it‘s ability to redirect wind over the rider, reduce buffeting and wind noise while providing more control in high crosswinds.   Turns out we were wrong, very wrong!   This is an unobtrusive, lower profile windshield that provides excellent visibility and good amount of wind protection.  I’m still not sure how it provides such good protection but it does.  I’ve chalked it up to an excellent design and it being well built by people that are clearly smarter than I am.

Review of the KLR650 Dakar Windshield from Bajaworx:  I believe this windshield was designed for riders that are doing some serious adventure and off-road riding with their KLRs.  If that’s what Bajaworx had in mind then they nailed it!  The Dakar windshield is the only shield we’ve tried that performs well under any circumstance.  We’ve evaluated the touring shields that perform poorly off-road and we’ve tested lower profile shields that terrible on the highways.  We’ve finally found a windshield that is good in every setting.   The height of the Dakar windshield is perfect for off-road and adventure use, providing excellent visibility and room to stand on the pegs and maneuver your KLR.  The “Pringle like” curve in the design offers great rigidity and wind deflection for your daily commute or long highway ride.  The KLR650 Dakar windshield from Bajaworx is an excellent solution for KLR riders that are looking to solve their buffeting issues with a windshield that has yet to show any area of compromise.  We recommend you give it a try, we’re sure it’ll improve your ride.

The Good Stuff:

  1. No wind buffeting. None!  We’ve used the Dakar windshield on city streets, dirt roads and freeways and varying speeds.  No buffeting.
  2. Screen height provides a clear view over the shield (I stand at 6’1”) and is out of your way when standing and off-road riding.
  3. Riding comfort.  The Dakar Windshield cannot shelter you from all wind but it does a great job of creating a smooth non-turbulent airflow for the rider.
  4. Durability.  Bajaworx used a 1/8” thick windshield grade polycarb, making the windshield shatterproof, impact resistant and durable.
  5. Mounts to stock holes and takes only minutes to install.
  6. Bajaworx’s service, shipping and response times were excellent.

The Bad Stuff:

  1. Nothing

Feel free to contact me of you have any comments or questions.  Enjoy your ride.

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