Kappa K35N Top Case On The KLR650

Kappa K35N Top Case On The KLR650

Kappa K35N Top Case On The KLR650

I’d been looking for an inexpensive top case for my 2008 KLR650 that met the following criteria:

1. Must accommodate my Zeus ZS 2100B Dual Sport helmet with room for a few other things.

2. Must have a locking mechanism.

3. Must be waterproof.

4. Quick release or easily removable would be nice.

I explored a few ideas that I had found on the forums and blogs but didn’t find anything that I was 100% happy with.

The Solution: While visiting on of the local shops I noticed a Kappa K35N on display.  It met all my requirements and even though it was a little more than I wanted to spend, at $130 figured I’d give it a try.  I’m happy with my purchase and here’s my review:

Installation was a snap!  It comes with a universal mounting kit that secures to the KLR650′s factory rack, all the parts needed for installation and installation instructions. (see the video for the walkthrough)

The Kappa K35N’s mounting kit also serves as a quick release for the top case.  The case can be installed or removed for the KLR within seconds.  This is very useful wether your unpacking the bike while camping or bringing your valuables in for the night.

The lock is easy to use and secures both the top case and the quick release.

There’s a rubber gasket in the lid that seals the Kappa top case once the locking mechanism is in place.

My helmet fits perfectly in the top case and even leaves room for my gloves and a few other items.

The Kappa K35N top box is light and adds very little weight to the KLR650.

Kappa K35N Top Case On The KLR650

Kappa K35N Top Case On The KLR650

The verdict:  I’m very happy with my decision to add the Kappa K35N top case to my 2008 KLR650. I recommend it to anyone looking for a little extra storage that both locks and is easily removable.

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