2008 KLR650 Lowered Front Fender Modification

Setting the stage: While looking in to mods for my front suspension I noticed a few pics of KLR650s with lowered front fenders and I loved the look. ( Had to have it!) So I did my research and found what I think is the best method to complete the lowered front fender modification and got it done (with help from a friend. Actually, I was the one helping him). The following is a list of the parts needed to install the lowered front fender:

  • Eagle-Mike fork brace (www.aviciouscycle.ca)
  • Acerbis Supermotard front fender (can’t remember the retailer)
  • 4 x 1″ plastic spacers (Lowes)
  • 4 bolts (size depends on your fork brace)
  • Dremel (with cutting discs)
  • Drill (you can figure out why)

Instructions: (see video below) Luckily one of my friends had already completed the fender modification

Eagle-Mike brace inserted 1" from top of Acerbis fender

and his experience probably saved me 30+ minutes.  Our approach was actually a little different that most of the posts I’ve read.  Instead of carving out a slot at the bottom of the Acerbis front fender we actually cut out holes on each side of the fender so the Eagle-Mike fork brace could pass through the fender.  Just to clarify, the brace is passing through the fender, most mods have the fender sitting on top of the brace.  In total it took a little under one hour to complete the job.  Here are the details:

  • Remove the stock fender and create room to work.

    Eagle-Mike brace inserted 1" from top of Acerbis fender

  • Measure 1″ from the top of the Acerbis fender (measure twice, you have one shot)
  • Measure out the width of your fork brace to ensure the hole is large enough to pass through the cut.
  • Use your Dremel to carve out the hole.
  • If you got it right then repeat on the other side of the fender.
  • Once the cuts are complete test to make sure the brace fits.
  • Insert the brace, mark the 4 holes and drill the top of the fender.
  • Use the 4 bolts and 4 spacers to secure the fender to the fork brace.
  • Finally, secure the fork brace to the bike, triple check the tire clearance and you should be good to go.

Notes: I think the KLR650 lowered front fender modification looks great and changes the look of the bike.  I’ve read that the lowered front fender helps with air flow over the front of the bike but I haven’t noticed a difference.  However, I have noticed that my KLR650 engine temps are running a little cooler than normal and that is probably due to the extra air flow on the rad now that the stock fender is out of the way.

Hopefully I’ve helped you pull the trigger on the KLR650 lowered front fender modification.  Please post comment or contact me if you have any questions.  Stay obsessed my friends.

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